Battlefield Journal: Lee’s Rock at Monterey Pass

Driving by it, one would never know that a series of rocks along the Old Waynesboro Road (Old Route 16) once was host to Confederate General Robert E. Lee. This story was told to me by an elderly man, Mr Warner, who was 12 years old when he heard it from Doctor Bridgers. The story was told to Doctor Bridgers by Walter Taylor III.

Mr. Warner grew up around Walter Taylor’s children in the 1930’s and 1940’s, and one day Walter Taylor III took Dr. Bridgers out and about and showed him to a series of rocks. He then explained that his father Lee’s Aid-de-Camp and Lee had rested on this rock and watched the infantry columns of the Confederate army marching by. After a brief stay, Lee mounted his horse and proceeded down South Mountain into Pikesville, modern day Rouzerville.

The rock today has been dubbed the “Lee Rock” and is located a short distance from where the Appalachian Trail crosses modern day Old Waynesboro Road up against a telephone pole.

Read the complete article: Lee’s Famous Staff Officer Walter Taylor Jr.

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