Total Known Confederate Casualties During the Battle of Monterey Pass July 4-5, 1863

Amherst Artillery All captured at Waterloo
1. Lieutenant Ambrose R Woodroof
2. Sergeant W. Rucker
3. Private George T. Bennett
4. Private William J. Bethel
5. Private Moses W. Butterworth
6. Private James T. Campbell
7. Private Elisha W. Harris
8. Private John W. Manley
9. Private Henry Motely
10. Private Thomas D. Smoot
11. Private John L. Williams
12. Private Chesley D. Williams
13. Private William H. Woody

Albemarle Artillery Captured at Waterloo
1. Private Tarleton S. Woodson

1st Rockbridge Artillery All captured at Waterloo
1. Lieutenant William Morton Brown
2. Quartermaster Sergeant Jonathan D. Moore
3. Private Samuel Alexander Wilson
4. Private James A. Ford
5. Private Michael J. Emmett
6. Private Fitz Allen Conner
7. Private James A. Conner
8. Private William Lewis Ginger
9. Private Alexander Harris
10. Private Bollinger Harris
11. Private Samuel Lindsey Mateer
12. Private George H. nicely
13. Private Samuel A. Paxton
14. Private Robert A. Pleasants
15. Private Daniel J. Trevey

Fluvanna Artillery All captured at Waterloo
1. Blacksmith Gideon R. Rilee
2. Private John Blackwell
3. Private Thorton R. Cauthorn
4. Private Bob Filer – Escaped
5. Private Robert J. Herndon
6. Private John R. Payne
7. Private William H. Shipp
8. Private James E. Smith
9. Private John M. Smith
10. Private Joseph H. Taylor
11. Private Henry D. Willis
12. 5 Black Servants & Black Cooks taken prisoner by Union forces

1st Company Richmond Howitzer All captured at Waterloo
1. Private George Booker
2. Private Somerville Gray
3. Private Henry Kepler
4. Private George W. McNamee
5. Private Charles Poindexter
6. Private William P. Smith
7. Private William Pritchard Smith
8. Private Richard C. Wortham

2nd Company Richmond Howitzers All captured at Waterloo
1. Sergeant Mahlon Terrell
2. Private John Hines
3. Private Theodore Lewis
4. Private Joseph H. Maxey
5. Private Joseph G. Williams
6. Private Samuel Watkins

3rd Company Richmond Howitzers All captured at Waterloo
1. Private Andrew Jackson Andrews
2. Private Patrick Cardwell
3. Private Patrick O’Conner
4. Private Samuel Liggon
5. Private James Vandeventer

Powhaton Artillery All Captured at Waterloo
1. 1st Sergeant John A. Scott
2. Corporal William W. Bragg
3. Corporal Spencer M. Ligon
4. Corporal Benjamin R. Smith
5. Artificer Reuben Taylor
6. Private Edward C. Archer
7. Private Samuel B. Bowles
8. Private Thomas H. Gordon
9. Private Littleberry W. Jenkins
10. Private William Lee Patterson
11. Private Christopher Swann
12. Private John Vest
13. Private William E. Walthall
14. Private S. Wheeler
15. Private James Overton Winston

Salem Flying Battery All Captured at Waterloo
1. Quartermaster Sergeant Marcellus F. White
2. Artificer Jacob Anderson
3. Private John M. Anderson
4. Private John W. Anderson
5. Private James A. Beemer
6. Private Thomas J. Landon
7. Private Showers L. Price

Milledge’s Georgia Battery Captured at Waterloo
1. Private William J. Turner

Courtney Artillery Captured near Waterloo
1. Private Marcellus Claiborne Bass
2. Private Thomas H. Haskins

Jeff Davis Artillery Captured near Waterloo
1. Private John R. Busby
2. Private George M. Champion
3. Private James M. Powell
4. Private William T. Wade
5. Artificer James C. Gate
6. Artificer John J. Howell
7. Artificer John J. Humphries
8. Artificer Charles G. Kuhne

Morris Artillery
1. Private William J. Chapman
2. Private James W. Eddleton
3. Private Marcellus C. Lowry
4. Private Zephaniah R. Roach
5. Private Thomas L. Scott
6. Private William H. Thancker
7. Private Joseph M. White

Orange Artillery
1. Private Edward C. Ballard
2. Private John Albert Bates
3. Private Benjamin Floyd Campell
4. Private Caleb Newman

King William Artillery
1. Private Benjamin H. Beadles
2. Private John Busby
3. Private Samuel D. Hicks
4. Private James Hilliard
5. Private Thomas MaCartney
6. Private Mason L. Mahanes
7. Private William A. Prince
8. Private John H. Tuck

11th Virginia Cavalry
1. Private John B. Fenton Company I
2. George W. Simpson (Not Captured) Company G – Had Horse killed near Fairfield

10th Virginia Cavalry
1. Col. J. Lucius Davis

6th Virginia Cavalry – Company I
1. Private Jesse N. Bledsoe

4th North Carolina Cavalry – Company A
1. 2nd Lieutenant James Marshall Wall
2. 1st Sergeant Clement L. Richardson
3. Private Joseph Pinkney Jarman
4. Private Daniel D. McLaurin
5. Private James W. Myers
6. Private Alfred A. Redfearn
7. Private William Redfearn

4th North Carolina Cavalry – Company B
1. Sergeant Henry C. Richmond
2. Private Thomas E. Boney
3. Private Thomas E. Boswell
4. Private David Y. Bradsher
5. Private Wilson Bradsher
6. Private James C. Brandon
7. Private Thompson A. Brincefield
8. Private William T. Burke
9. Private James M. Chandler
10. Private James B. Dickie
11. Private Lorenzo L. Fullington
12. Private Lewis F. Glidewell
13. Private John L. Haymes
14. Private William J. Hensley
15. Private George W. Johnson
16. Private James W. Knight
17. Private Levi P. Massey
18. Private Elvis P. Montgomery
19. Private Evans Moore
20. Private James Nunn
21. Private James O. Peterson
22. Private Lorenzo D. Rudd
23. Private Elias M. Slade
24. Private John O. Stanfield
25. Private James R. Turner
26. Private John C. Wade

4th North Carolina Cavalry – Company C
1. Captain Robert Motier McIntire
2. Sergeant Rubin A. Corbett
3. Sergeant Patrick Hand – Wounded
4. Sergeant Richard Sander Love
5. Musician Gaston Calhoun McIntire
6. Private Alexander W. Bannerman
7. Private William T. Daniels
8. Private Alexander Davis
9. Private William H. Flowers – Killed
10. Private Adolphus Garrison
11. Private James Flowers Gillespies
12. Private Nathan Hall
13. Private Isaac S. Padgett
14. Private Owen R. Savage
15. Private Henry Stokes

4th North Carolina Cavalry – Company D
1. Captain William Sharp
2. 1st Lieutenant Thomas Ruffin
3. Corporal Henry Dolphus Godwin
4. Private Emory A. Bridgers
5. Private James Thomas Brown
6. Private Albert Joseph Liverman
7. Private William T. Liverman
8. Private Horatio E. Morris
9. Private Edward E. Norfleet
10. Private Richard J. Terry

4th North Carolina Cavalry – Company E
1. 1st Sergeant Jacob John Misenheimer
2. Sergeant Marcus L. McIntire
3. Corporal John Cauble – Wounded
4. Private Francis E. Alexander
5. Private Alison H. C. Biggers
6. Private James M. Clay
7. Private James F. Davis
8. Private John Dempster – Killed
9. Private John F. File
10. Private Green F. Flowers
11. Private Adam Monore Furr
12. Private Jacob Hagler
13. Private Henry L. Hartman
14. Private Nimrod Hartsell
15. Private Jonas L. Hoffman
16. Private James Monroe Johnson
17. Private Charles W. Thomas
18. Private John S. Turner
19. Private James B. Williamson

4th North Carolina Cavalry – Company F
1. 1st Lieutenant George O. Cherry
2. 1st Sergeant James C. Freeman
3. Private Zachop Jackson Burdin

4th North Carolina Cavalry – Company G
1. Sergeant Silas C. Saymour
2. Private Davis M. Cox
3. Private S. Davis
4. Private Thomas J. Grandy Jr.
5. Private Charles E. West

4th North Carolina Cavalry – Company H
1. Private Ceburn Farmer
2. Private Henry Jenkins
3. Private Willie K. Perry
4. Private Richard H. Powell
5. Private James G. Whitehead

1st Maryland Cavalry – Company B
1. Captain George Malcom Emack – Wounded, Not Captured
2. 2nd Lieutenant Adolphus Cooke
3. 3rd Sergeant William Henry Waughop Guyther – Horse Killed
4. 2nd Sergeant Willian Alexander Wilson – Horse Killed
5. Corporal James Robert Deakins – Horse Killed Paid $850
6. Private Alexander Beale
7. Private Nicholas Bowling
8. Civilian Robert Goodloe Harper Carroll
9. Private William T. Cooper
10. Private Henry Van Bibber Crawford
11. Private Peter A. Davis
12. Private Austin Miles Dyer
13. Private Charles S. Ebert
14. Private John R. H. Embert (Not captured – Horse Killed, Paid $850)
15. Private William H. Evergram
16. Private W. Fearhake
17. Private John Thomas Ferrell Jr.
18. Private Benjamin R. Ford
19. Private James P. Hamberton
20. Private John F. Hucorn
21. Private Wiford M. McLeod
22. Private Thomas Krebs Naylor – Wounded, Horse Killed, Paid $800
23. Private Thomas H. Perrie
24. Private James Henry Price
25. Private James Reed
26. Private Manuel Reed
27. Private Charles H. Stanley
28. Private James Stevens – Horse Killed
29. Private John Hanson Thomas Jr.
30. Private Alfred Clifton Tolson – Horse Killed, Paid $650
31. Private Charles E. Tolson – Horse Killed
32. Private Edward “Ned” Waring Jr.
33. Private James H. Waring – Horse Killed, Paid $700

1st Maryland Cavalry – Company C
1. Private Oscar Anderson
2. Private Richard Marion Barnes
3. Private David R. Foley
4. Private Joseph P. Glenn
5. Private John F. Holbrook – Horse Killed, Paid $2000
6. Private Richard McGraw Howard
7. Private Richard Steuart Latrobe
8. Private William Southgate Lemmon
9. Private Justine J. Shooks
10. Private Septimus Hunter Stewart
11. Private F. E. Stone
12. Private Joseph Ford Stone
13. Private Henry Wursten – Horse Killed

1st Maryland Cavalry – Company D
1. 2nd Lieutenant Milton Welsh – Horse Killed, Paid $875
2. 1st Sergeant Phineas James Davis
3. 3rd Sergeant Thomas G. Worhtington – Horse Killed
4. 2nd Corporal Edwin S. Shultz – Wounded, Captured, Horse Killed, Paid $600
5. Private Thomas Pitts Brasher – Horse Killed
6. Private Henry Hall Bromwell
7. Private Grafton Carter
8. Private Thomas W. Corcoran
9. Private A. W. Craigville
10. Private John O. Crisswell (Not Captured – Horse Killed, Paid $860)
11. Private William Franklin Dade – Horse Killed, Paid $2500
12. Private E. A. Davis
13. Private Thomas Sappington Davis – Horse Killed, Paid $3000
14. Private William G. Delashmutt
15. Private Harvey S. Ewing
16. Private William J. Ewing (Not Captured – Horse Killed, Paid $450)
17. Private Adolphus Fearhake Jr.
18. Private James W. Geasey – Horse Killed
19. Private Abraham W. Grabill Jr.
20. Private Cornelius D. Grimes – Horse Killed, Paid $400
21. Private Oliver Bryon Hammond
22. Private Nathan Lawrence Hoyle Wounded, captured saber cut left arm
23. Private Edward L. Jones – Horse Killed
24. Private Spencer Cone Jones – Horse Killed, Paid $1000
25. Private Charles W. Kemp
26. Private John D. Lickle – Horse Killed, Paid $475
27. Private Charles Thomas Myers – Escaped
28. Private John Leonard Obenderfer – Wounded
29. Private Jerome “Jerry” O’Leary
30. Private Robert E. Placid
31. Private William Henry Poole – Horse Killed
32. Private William R. Raborg
33. Private Edward B. Radcliffe – Horse Killed, Paid $900
34. Private Charles H. Raitt – Horse Killed
35. Private William S. Schultz – Horse Killed, Paid $2400
36. Private Albert Simmons – Horse Killed, Paid $2000
37. Private Dawson H. Stevenson – Horse Killed, Paid $500
38. Private Thomas H. Stevenson – Horse Killed
39. Private Samuel Albert Tyler
40. Private Hiram S. Weaver – Escaped

1st Maryland Cavalry – Company E
1. Private Charles H. H. Clarke
2. Private S. W. or L. M. Gray
3. Private James Wilcox Jenkins

5th North Carolina Cavalry
1. Lieutenant Charles L. Gibson
2. Private Green L. Bigham

Iverson’s and Daniel’s Brigade
Lt. Colonel Wharton J. Green, Staff officer of General Daniel
Captain Bond
Colonel Daniel Harvey Christie, 23rd North Carolina
Lt. Colonel Johnston
Lt. Colonel Boyd
Major Lewis
Major Hancock
Doctor Godwin

Archer’s Brigade, 1st Tennessee Infantry Company H

Private George W. Pickett

More information to come
Colonel Thomas Stephen Kenan, 43rd North Carolina Infantry
Surgeon Doctor Brewer
Captain Wheeler
Major Charles C Blacknall, 23rd North Carolina
Captain Chancellor A. Nelson
Sergeant Charles I. Johnson
Nine other from the 49th Virginia Infantry
Corporal Hall, 31st Virginia Infantry

O’Neal’s Brigade
Seven African Teamsters
Captain John White, Assistant Quarter-master 5th Alabama Infantry
Quartermaster Sergeant John Wiley, 3rd Alabama Infantry
Slave of Chief Quartermaster Major James C. Bryan – O’Neal’s Brigade

Among the unknown names are those of the freed blacks and slaves


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