Cyrus Bushrod (Bushwood)


Born in Shippensburg, Cyrus Bushrod enlisted in Company H of the 127th U.S.C.T. on August 31, 1864, at Carlisle. He used his enlistment bonus to purchase a house for his mother near Bull’s Eye Rock on West King Street. After leaving Camp Penn, he saw service in Virginia, where he was wounded in the leg and foot by a wagon accident. After Lee’s surrender, his unit was transferred to Texas. Cyrus mustered out of service on September 7, 1865. His unit would muster out in Texas on October 20th, 1865. After the war, he worked in an Atlantic City hotel as a bellhop before returning to Shippensburg and retiring in the same house he purchased for his mother in 1864.

John Boles


John (Bowles) Boles was born in Franklin County, in March of 1834. He enlisted in Company B of the 43rd U.S.C.T. While at Camp Penn, he deserted on March 23, 1864, but voluntarily came back on March 28. He would continue to serve with his unit during the Siege of Petersburg, Virginia. After the Army of Northern Virginia surrendered, Boles, like so many of his comrades, would move to Texas and continue to serve there. John Boles most likely mustered out with his unit on October 20th and was discharged at Philadelphia on November 30, 1865.

John Barnetts


John Barnetts enlisted in Company B of the 3rd U.S.C.T Infantry in September of 1863. The 3rd U.S.C.T. was organized at Camp Penn, outside of Harrisburg, PA. John would see service at Morris Island, South Carolina participating in the battles around Charleston. He would also see service in Florida. While at garrison in Florida, Barnetts, along with his regiment, performed duties as heavy artillery. The command mustered out of service on October 23, 1865. John Barnetts officially mustered out of service on December 23, 1865. He died on March 9, 1925, and was noted as being one of the community’s best known and respected citizens.